Heart Sentinel srl is a biotech company founded in Parma, Italy, dedicated to develop and patent algorithms and products in the Cardiology field.

Heart Sentinel srl was founded in 2015 by Nicola Gaibazzi and Claudio Reverberi, two recognized Italian cardiologists, authors of some groundbreaking scientific publications regarding cardiovascular diseases.

The first algorithm created by the two cardiologists – Heart Sentineltm– from the very name of their newly founded company – is able to detect a cardiac arrest through simple RR interval monitoring and immediately send messages to predefined numbers providing the exact position to rescuers, by geo-location, and thus promoting a quick and targeted assistance.

In 2016, due to the interest aroused in science, the project attracts the attention of managers and private investors that joined the team: Andrea Nasturzio, General Manager with consolidated knowledge of the start-up world gained through significant professional experiences in Italy and abroad.

In 2017, Nicola Gaibazzi and Claudio Reverberi completed the study of a new algorithm: Ritmiatm. The new algorithm is able to proactively detect and label the presence of atrial fibrillation (all other arrhythmias are also detected), the most common cardiac arrhythmia, an unrecognized cause of cerebral strokes due to the practical impossibility of long-term monitoring of cardiac rhythm using non-dedicated and very expensive medical-grade devices. The Ritmiatm product consists now of the device, one or more electrode patches and the application (Android or iOS) used to interact with it only at the beginning (registration) or at the end of a monitoring period, to download data and report easily sharable also in pdf format. Bernardo Di Maria, a renowned bioengineer, joined the company in 2019 significanly helping in the R&D of the company with his technical know-how in biosignals.

Ritmiatm differently from all other products, relies on easily wearable and inexpensive heart rate monitors, apparently normal sports heart rate monitors, but thanks to their reprogramming with the patented algorhithms, Ritmiatm can also record key ECG strips of the arrhythmias detected, as a tangible report for later consultation. All without being connected to other devices, working for days or weeks as a standalone 9-gram product attached to the chest with a comfortable customized patch.

Both algorithms, Heart Sentineltm and Ritmiatm are now patented in several EU countries and US or patent pending in others.

In 2021, Bernardo Di Maria joined the Team for Device development, the study of new algorithms, Software platform design and Operational Workflow implementation.

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